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Cold brew is a convenient, eco-friendly option with a smooth taste, perfect for quick mornings.

When choosing a cold brew pitcher, look for easy cleaning, durable glass, and a larger size for convenience.

The Takeya pitcher offers a superior filter for a clean brew, a design that prevents grounds in coffee, easy cleaning, and the ability to brew a rich, concentrated cup.

Master Cold Brew at Home: Why the Takeya Pitcher is Your Secret Weapon

I’ve been hooked on cold brew since my very first sip. Making cold brew at home is simple, forgiving, and flexible. Plus, it’s one of the most eco-friendly brewing methods. I love the smooth, rich, refreshing taste of cold brew. And as someone who is certified Not a Morning Person©, cold brew wins major points for being ready to drink the second I roll out of bed—no 6:00 a.m. measuring, blooming, and brewing required.

I’m a coffee lover through and through, and cold brew is my year-round go-to. It turns out, I’m in good company! Bill Murray, CEO of the National Coffee Association, says that, based on consumer trends, “cold coffee might be the future.” Here’s a fun coffee fact, in a 2023 survey, the NCA found that 73% of people surveyed said they “drink cold brew on occasion.”

After a few years of buying premade concentrates, I decided it was time to learn how to make cold brew coffee at home. After some initial research, I knew I wanted a dedicated pitcher because I wanted a no-fuss way to brew, store, and serve my coffee.

My Quest for the Perfect Cold Brew Pitcher

When I set out to buy a cold brew pitcher, my criteria were clear: easy to use, easy to clean, and made of glass. I’m a bit of a research fanatic, so I spent a solid several weeks researching different options, reading reviews, and weighing my options. When I finally made my purchase, I was confident I’d found the holy grail of cold brew pitchers. Here’s what sold me:

  • Detailed Cleaning: The pitcher I chose breaks down into 8 different pieces, which felt like a win to me. I could take it apart and make sure I cleaned every nook and cranny so that I didn’t end up with grounds in my coffee.
  • Glass for the Win: To be really honest, this was one of the biggest selling points to me. In fact, I only even considered glass pitchers. The one thing I was completely sure of was that I did not want a plastic pitcher. The one I chose is beautiful and made of thick, durable glass; it feels and looks solid. And from a taste perspective, I was confident that it would give me the cleanest taking cup because glass doesn’t retain flavor the way plastic sometimes can.
  • Size Matters: I found a few pitchers that fit the bill, but what sold me on my final choice was the size. It was much bigger than most of its competitors. I mean, why wouldn’t I want a larger pitcher? If it got me one extra serving, that was one less time I had to measure out my whole bean coffee, break out my grinder, and do all the work of brewing. That sounded like a win-win to me.

Introducing the Takeya: The Perfect Way to Make Cold Brew at Home

I’d been using my obsessively vetted cold brew pitcher for about a year when our U3 co-founder, Kristi Ross, and I were chatting about my love of cold brew. She told me that she was planning on stocking a pitcher from Takeya in the U3 Coffee Exchange and asked me if I wanted to take it for a test drive and give her my feedback. I’m always game to experiment, so I was in!

When the Takeya first arrived, I admit, I looked it over with a healthy dose of skepticism. First off, it was smaller than the one I’d been using—by about 12 ounces. Second, it broke down into 3 parts—was I going to be able to get it completely clean? And third, it was made of plastic, not glass.

I’ll admit, I went into my first brew pretty convinced that while the Takeya would work well, it wasn’t going to surpass my original pitcher. I was so wrong.

Let me tell you, folks, it was love at first brew. In fact, the difference was so dramatic, I immediately put my other pitcher away, and I’ve been using the Takeya cold brew pitcher ever since. Here’s why the Takeya pitcher dethroned my original:

  • The Magical Filter: The Takeya’s filter is truly amazing. I’d always found that when I made cold brew at home with my original pitcher, it ended up a bit gritty compared to store-bought concentrates. My pitcher has a super-fine filter, so I assumed this was just something that just came with the home-brew territory. The second I swirled the Takeya pitcher for the first time, I could immediately see the difference. It started extracting all of those flavorful compounds immediately, but way fewer solids were washing into the coffee. The final cup was clean and smooth.
  • No More Mess! Another reason my cold brew seemed to end up littered with grounds was down to a design flaw I hadn’t recognized until I tried the Takeya. In my original pitcher, the top of the filter basket is open, and water can splash up through the pour spout when I swirl, washing some of the grounds into the pitcher. The Takeya’s design is pretty genius. The filter basket attaches to the lid, which then screws into the base. The top of the filter is always covered by the lid, so I can swirl, shake, and shimmy all I want, and the grounds stay locked tight in the filter.
  • Cleaning Up is a Snap: I really thought that being able to break down my pitcher into a million parts allowed me to clean it more thoroughly, but I was wrong. More parts just meant more nooks and crannies where grounds could get lodged. It turned out that the four-part system was much better. The Takeya’s simple design makes cleaning a breeze. No more struggling with a bunch of tiny components, just quick and easy sanitation, whether I handwash it or throw it in the dishwasher.
  • Strong Coffee, Happy Mornings: While my original pitcher was larger, when I used it side-by-side with the Takeya, I realized that the filter basket didn’t actually hold more coffee. That was leaving me with somewhat watery cold brew that was more like iced coffee than the rich concentrate I loved. It’s much easier to hit the perfect coffee to water ratio with the Takeya, and it brews a richer, more concentrated cup of coffee.
  • Peace of Mind with Every Brew: I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve realized the plastic pitcher is a major benefit. Even though my original was made out of really nice, high-quality glass, I have to admit that I frequently worried I was going to break it. Every time I almost dropped it in the kitchen sink or bumped it against the fridge as I was putting it away, I held my breath. I never have to think twice with the Takeya pitcher. Plus, it’s lightweight and dishwasher-safe—both wins in my book!

After some experimenting, I worked out the perfect method for how to make cold brew coffee at home with the glorious Takeya pitcher, and I’ve never looked back!

World-Class Cold Brew at Home with the Takeya

I’m always looking for ways to improve my coffee experience, and the Takeya definitely delivered. It’s user-friendly, easy to clean, and brews a superior cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a hassle-free cold brew solution, look no further than the  Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which you can find the in the U3 Coffee Exchange!

Cheers to you for diving deep into the world of coffee with us! U3 Coffee exists to create the most meaningful coffee experience for millions of mindful, motivated humans like you. Let’s learn, empower, and celebrate the journey from bean to cup. Because here, we’re United by Coffee.

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