Coffee is an excellent source of several vitamins and antioxidants—like Vitamin B2 and polyphenols—that can help support overall health.

Studies have shown a connection between coffee drinking and a reduced risk of numerous health challenges—everything from type 2 diabetes to colon and skin cancer.

Research suggests that you can access some of the same health benefits whether your drink of choice is regular or decaf.

Everything You Need to Know about the Health Benefits of Coffee

For many of us, there’s nothing quite like that invigorating jolt of coffee to kickstart our days. But have you ever found yourself wondering about the health implications of your beloved brew? If so, there’s great news for coffee drinkers. There’s a growing body of research on the potential health benefits of drinking coffee.

That’s right, your coffee habit isn’t just a delightful morning ritual or a midday pick-me-up. The benefit of coffee drinking is that it may actually support your health!

Is Coffee Healthy?

Are There Any Caffeine Benefits?

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

1. Coffee could help you nail your workout.

The caffeine in coffee has been shown to help athletes increase the intensity of their workouts, improve their endurance while training, and push through training slumps. Researchers believe the same adenosine-blocking properties that allow coffee to perk us up mentally can also decrease pain, which might help you power through your workout. In fact, Mark Inman even had one of his high-caffeine espresso blends featured on Bike Magazine’s list of the best training supplements.

2. Coffee may lower your risk for type 2 diabetes.

3. Coffee drinkers may have a reduced incidence of colon cancer.

4. Coffee could help reduce inflammation.

5. Coffee may lower your stroke risk.

6. Coffee could support cardiovascular health.

7. Coffee may reduce your risk for depression.

8. Coffee may help lower your risk for Parkinson’s disease.

9. Coffee could slow dementia progression.

10. Coffee may lower your risk of developing gallstones.

11. Coffee could help you maintain your liver health.

12. Coffee may help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

What About Decaf Coffee?

While in the States, the FDA requires coffees labeled “decaffeinated” have at least 97% of its caffeine removed, you may still get some of the same health benefits, thanks to all of those vitamins and antioxidants, and it’s a great option for people who need to limit their caffeine intake.

Ildi Revi, Chief Coffee Officer at Purity Coffee, which specializes in health-focused coffees, says that she’s proud they “honor these decaf drinkers” by creating decaf roasts that maintain high levels of antioxidants while safely eliminating caffeine.

Click here to hear more from Ildi about research into coffee’s health benefits and about how Purity Coffee is focused on creating healthier coffees!

Ildi says that there are lots of good reasons to drink decaf coffee if you need to avoid caffeine. “You’re going to do some really good internal work with that coffee,” she says.

Sustainably Sourced Decaf Coffee in the U3 Exchange

How Many Cups a Day Should I Drink?

Ildi says that the benefits you’ll get from drinking coffee often depend on how much coffee you drink. “Health benefits in many cases are dose dependent,” she explains. “So two cups is better than one, three cups is better than two.”

But she also cautions coffee drinkers to be conscious of their caffeine intake, especially if they’re sensitive to its effects.

Most research studies and experts suggest that three to four cups per day seems to be the sweet spot where you could tap into coffee’s great health benefits without tipping into the possible negative side effects of caffeine.

The Final Verdict

If you relish your morning cup, you may be getting more than just an energy boost from that caffeine; you may also be tapping into some pretty exciting health benefits too! Research has linked coffee to numerous potential health benefits thanks to its powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants.

So choose your favorite coffee roast, whether you prefer whole beans or ground coffee,  perfect your brewing skills, and raise a mug to knowing that you’re fueling your body by leveraging all the health benefits of coffee! Special cheers to you on increasing your knowledge and embracing all the benefits of drinking coffee. #coffeemugsunite

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