Nov 2, 2023

U3 Coffee LAUNCHES, introducing the First Coffee Ecosystem ConnectING Farmers, Entrepreneurs, and Consumers

Former tastytrade Co-founder and Serial Entrepreneur Kristi Ross, and Executive Business Leader Craig Ross Serve as Co-founders of U3 Coffee, Creating a Unique Combination of Content Platform, Online Marketplace, and Charitable Arm

U3 Coffee Media offers high-quality, entertaining educational content and highlights the people behind the coffee, from farmers to entrepreneurs. U3 Coffee Exchange serves as a marketplace for sustainably farmed coffees including U3 Coffee’s own roasts. Consumers can also purchase multiple brands of coffee through subscriptions or one-time purchases, as well as merchandise and at-home coffee equipment. U3 Coffee’s charitable arm, U3 Coffee Bank, was created to give back to the farmers and support coffee entrepreneurs as they embark on their own unique journeys.

U3 Coffee plans to open U3 Coffee Roasters, located at 7430 Madison St, Forest Park, IL in Spring of 2024.

“I’ve spent 30 years in the financial services, trading, and brokerage industry and been through over 40+ mergers, acquisitions, capital raises, and startups in my career. Coffee was the fuel for my late nights and early mornings. What really inspired this new endeavor is getting closer to the bean in every way possible – connecting farmers, entrepreneurs, and consumers to create an ultimate product experience and enduring connection. This is no easy feat given that coffee is a $85B+ industry in the U.S. alone,” said Kristi Ross. “While some would say that the coffee marketplace would appear to be saturated, we believe there is an immense amount of room for innovation.”

“Perhaps the most exciting part of our company is U3 Coffee Bank, which will allow us to share our profits to uplift and further support communities and up and coming coffee entrepreneurs. U3 Coffee is different. Our goal is to drive empowerment from every bag of beans to every cup and have consumers truly understand the coffee journey – the pride, challenges, and quality that farmers work hard to deliver,” said Craig Ross. “We seek to understand and share what we learn with the world through U3 Coffee Media, and we want to unite the entrepreneurial coffee community, showcasing premium brands in one online marketplace. Helping educate and provide transparency throughout the coffee value chain, all the way to the end consumer is at the heart of everything we are doing.”

U3 Coffee provides whole or ground coffee beans wholesale and retail as well as U3 Coffee merchandise and coffee equipment, in addition to allowing consumers to access a marketplace to buy other roasters’ coffee. In keeping with U3 Coffee’s socially conscious business model, U3 Coffee selects roasters with regenerative agriculture practices, and specialty coffees.

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About U3 Coffee

U3 Coffee set out to deliver the most meaningful coffee experience for millions of mindful, motivated humans by creating the first coffee ecosystem to connect coffee farmers and co-ops; the entrepreneurs who broker, roast, and sell coffee; and coffee consumers. U3 Coffee uniquely combines content platform U3 Coffee Media, online marketplace U3 Coffee Exchange, and charitable arm U3 Coffee Bank.

U3 Coffee Exchange offers quality, sustainably farmed beans from farms around the globe for online purchase in the US. Consumers can also purchase multiple brands of coffee through subscriptions or one-time purchases, merchandise, and at-home coffee equipment. U3 Coffee Bank was created to give back to the farmers as well as support coffee entrepreneurs.