Stagg Pour-Over Dripper – XF


Prepare to embark on a coffee odyssey with the Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Dripper XF— Ever dreamt of the perfect pour? Well, this dripper’s unique design gives you the control of a caffeinated conductor, orchestrating a symphony of flavors right into your cup. Say goodbye to average brews and hello to your personal coffee crescendo! The Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Dripper XF: where coffee dreams come true, one sip at a time!

Stagg [XF] Dripper comes with 20 Stagg [XF] Paper Filters

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up to 20oz


Matte Black

An innovative pour-over dripper designed for precision brewing and an enhanced coffee experience.

Thoughtful Features:

  • Unique Steep Wall: Engineered to enhance coffee-to-water contact, boosting extraction for a more flavorful cup.
  • Ratio Aid: Built-in ratio aid for precise measurements, ensuring the correct coffee-to-water ratio every time, with the cup doubling as a drip-catcher.
  • Vacuum Insulated: Maintains a consistent brewing temperature, critical for a perfectly brewed cup, thanks to the double-wall insulation that keeps the heat in.

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